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derek & lee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Sep 2006

Location: The Inca Trail -We made it!, Peru

MapWell, it turns out the most challenging part of the trail was getting our supplies the night before we left! It is a nice walk though and it's great to see so many people of different origin, age and capability can come here to do this. Some of these people may, however, disagree with us on the level of difficulty of the trail (especially Edna from Germany age 79) but I did my hard yards in Huayhuash & think I earnt the right to skip up the stairs, leaving puffers & panters in my wake while merrily singing "I love my Leki!" Leki, for those who are not familiar, is the manufacturer of our brand new trekking poles purchased in Lima in the aftermath of Huayhuash. Sure it may have been a LITTLE in-sensitive but if you want to make something of it come over here so I can poke you in the eye with my Leki! OK, so of course I am joking, now the proud owner of what I once considered an item for tools (Australian colloquialism for person of questionable intelligence) and oldies has not overnight turned me into a tool however witnessing some behaviour on the trail has compelled me to write the following Leki Etiquette Guidelines:

1. Thou shalt not try to explain to others how great it is; one must use it to understand so if you prefer not to part with it for awhile keep your mouth shut.
2. As a youngster/semi-youngster the use of Leki is smart, the use of 2 Lekis however, is strictly for the oldies
3. If one has a Leki, 1 looks the part, therefore should be able to live up to the fitness image (Huayhuash doesn't count as nobody saw me)
4. Even if you are an oldie please DO NOT try to block the young, fit, single Leki owners from passing you with your Lekis. We like that everyone can do the trail, we do not like that everyone has to do the trail behind you.