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derek & lee’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Oct 2006

Location: Torres Del Paine, Chile

MapWho did the 4 day hike in Torres Del Paine at THE EXACT TIME of the 30th Anniversary of mapping the park? And who ran into 2 of the climbing/hiking/exploring pioneers during their trip? Yep, that's right! During a leisurely conversation with 2 horsemen we bumped into, we discovered that said horsemen were in fact: John Garner & Torres Dickson, 2 of the pioneers who had clustered here to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Being the classy type non phased by celebrity, I quickly shouted "Wait, stay still..I'm getting my camera!"

Well, aside from meeting Patagonian Legends, Torres Del Paine was everything and more than you could hope for. Just check out the photos and multiply by 100 to try and capture the experience. There is surely nowhere in the world like Patagonia!