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Trevor’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Mar 2006

Location: Coban, Guatemala

MapAfter my 5th day on the road I'm going to jettison some bloody stuff! Either that or get fitter. Or both.

After 2 tough days of 80 kms and then 120 kms I hit the wall, so to speak, and I had to catch a bus after 30 kms today. The terrain became mountainous and I just wasn't up to it. Well earned rest day tomorrow, staying in a lovely hotel here in Coban. I may tour a coffee plantation as I'm in the middle of coffee country and it's my favourite beverage.

I visited Tikal which left me a little underwhelmed unfortunately. Not sure why. It's often the small things I enjoy rather trhan the big tourist spots such as Tikal. Like the many pueblos I passed through over the last week, seeing the people scratching a living, waving to each other as I pass by. Men carrying huge bundles of wood on their backs, children playing alongside the main road, the tiny huts they often live in, their very dark skin and large dark eyes.

This morning I ate my breakfast in a "comedor" again .... a simple eating place. Women made tortillas over an open fire built in the top of a 40 gallon drum. I've taken a photo and will put it on here soon. The people are always ready with a smile. Yesterday the children in the villages were shouting "Gringo" very often.

The roads in the towns are chaotic, though not dangerous as long as I have my wits about me. The traffic along the main road I travelled on is very light with mainly microbuses, utes and trucks. And they give me a wide birth and very often a friendly toot on the horn, or encouraging shout as they drive by.