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Trevor’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Feb 2006

Location: Birmingham, UK

MapHello dear soul-mates / cell-mates ... :)

I'm alive and well and, together with Critter the Critic, living in Birmingham at my brother's place. Well, until Feb 19 anyway, when I soar to Guatemala via the Evil Empire (USA). Maybe I shouldn't say things like that - they might detain me there under suspicion of taking over their country single-handedly.

Temperature last night went down to -5 degrees C apparently, with a max today of +4 C. I'm loving it after the heat of Brisbane and Singapore. I'm learning how to use my new camera (Nikon D50) and when I've found the button which takes a picture I'll take some and put them on this site. Promise.

So, keep pasted - oops, posted.