Lindsay’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Jun 2006

Location: the wonderful land of OZ, Australia

MapI am done with classes!!! offically a senior... ekkkk
My daddy come tomorrow!!! I get to show off the amazing city of Melbourne for a few days and then we are heading N to the warmth B) It is like a Seattle winter right now in Melbourne... around the 40's 50's. We are going to Darwin, then BALI, then back to Darwin and the the Great Barrier Reef (I will try to find Nemo) then back for a day in Melbourne to say good bye to everyone *tear* then it is back to the good ol' US of A.
I am so excited for my dad to be here, we have alot planned and I think it is a good way to rap up my time in Oz. It is going to be pretty emotional I can already tell. One on my friends leaves on Sat and I have started packing and I get these random waves of sadness... why do goodbyes always have to be so hard?!

I will try to update you all and any random internet cafes I find inbetween adventures. LOVE!!

PS there have offically been over 1000 visitors to my page (thanks for all the love)