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Janet’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

MapHey Hey!

WEll I have now officially visited my most favourite place in Italy!!! After Rome Mel and I headed to the Amalfi coast, 50Km of nice, little villages lining the Italian coastline. We stayed in a tiny village called Atrani which was next to the bigger town of Amalfi. Because the town was so small all the locals know each other so when Mel and I walked through the extremely small town square the locals that were standing there were staring at us as if they had never seen a human being before! We quickly found our hostel which turned out to be the only hostel\hotel in Atrani and it was situated only 30M from the beach front so of course as soon as we got there we unpacked our beach stuff and went swimming. It was great to be near the sea again after stinking, stiffling, dirty Rome. For the next 3 days Mel and I didnt do much except swim around, eat pasta at the local bar (and get happy hour priced drinks even after happy hour because we were friends with the owner, hehehe) walk around Amalfi and go in the 200 tourist shops there etc etc. So it reallly was a holiday from our holiday! On the last day Mel went to Pompei but I did a day of snorkelling and actually got quite burnt! Oops. Although Atrani wasnt as beautiful as the towns along the Quinque Terre it still was a gorgeous little town at the bottom of some moutains right on the beach with lemon groves EVERYWHERE and Mel and I fell deep in love with the place. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

After a teary goodbye we unwillingly left Atrani and headed up to Florence. We got here late on the first day so couldnt do much but the day after we did 2 museums to see Michelangelo's David in of course and we also went to see a number of famous works in the Uffizi (Birth of Venus amoung them which I really liked). After those two we didnt have much time for anything else so yesterday after a quick visit to Pisa to see the tower we did the rest of our sight seeing- St Lorenzo church, the Duomo and an amazing sunset panaramic view from the Michelanglo piazza.

WEll a little later on today Mel and I are jumping onto a train to visit our last place together- VENICE! Yeah! We saved the best for last (we hope at least) so you'll hear more stories about that later!

Hope all is well with everyone! Catch ya later!!

Ciao ciao!