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Janet’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Aug 2006

Location: Prague!, Czech Republic

MapThe first time in 1 month of travelling that I have seen RAIN again!

Upon arriving in Venice Mel and I were greeted with the heaviest rain storm I have seen in Europe yet! It was raining good old cats and dogs as the saying goes! SO this is what you have to imagine: Mel and I with our massive back packs on trying to navigate our way through venice's many tiny, twisting, endless alleyways whilst at the same time trying to avoid puddles, stampedes of American tourists and rain coming out of gutters and roof tops! Quite a challenge for us thats for sure! But we made it and by the time we had settled in and were ready to go the rain had calmed down to a light drizzel. THat afternoon Mel and I just followed our noses and eyes around Venice and did quite a bit of shopping too!!

On our second day there we bought a whole day bus pass and went up and down the grand canal admiring everything we saw and getting off occassionally to check out cafes and shops and churches. WE also took the boat out to the island of Murano which is where most of Venice's glass work is made and we got to have a quick look at how they do it.

On our last day we just followed our feet and got ourselves lost in the streets of Venice! Quite fun! We also went to Saint Marks of course and did a free guided tour inside and we checked out the bridge of sigh right behind it. And I do have to add that as we were walking away from the plaze Mel got shat on by a bird for the record 3rd time in the last month!!! Unbelievable!

Time is running out so I'll give you the Prague stories later on!
xxx Janet