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Danielle and Brett’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Sep 2006

Location: Niagara Falls, USA

MapWhat an amazing day - we did an outrageously not like us thing and bought flights to Niagara for a day! It was so crazy- we got off the plane and hired a car to get to the falls, jumped on the Maid of the Mist boat which took us right into the spray of the Horseshoe falls! Then we climbed the stairs of the Winds of the Caves to the Hurricane platform - right under the American falls (just next to the Horseshoe falls), all part of the Niagara river falls. Can't believe how close we could get! Even without the adventure sport tours, you can go onto the falls at the lookout about a metre from the river! The leaves are starting to turn yellow and red- a really nice feel of autumn approaching on the maple trees.

Had the best buffet in our lives I’m sure- anything gourmet you could imagine- sushi, salad, roasts, wok, all American ‘comfort food’ and about 20 desserts- for $17 - and we had a view of the falls! The most amazing time was when we came out from dinner to walk back across the bridge and the lights came onto the falls- rainbow glow came form the mist!!! There are high rises right next to the falls on the Canadian side, like a mini Vegas, which is cool but also a tacky, shame. Had to get our passports checked to walk over the bridge from America to Canada! Got home at 1.30am (started at 5:30am) exhausted after such an amazing day- 10/10!