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Danielle and Brett’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Oct 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Just a quick update, haven’t had any internet.
We’ve had 4 days in Las Vegas, pretty action packed.
Arrived and went straight to the NBA game between LA Lakers and Phonix Suns. A good close game, great to see a big game. Dazzled by the lights on ‘the strip’ of at least 40 casinos. We’re in the middle of the dessert, surrounded by mountains where the Indians first settled. Had a day touring inside all of the casinos- there’s heaps to see like lions, flamingos, New York New York replicas, Paris replicas- they are all the big attractions of the cities in half scale, so a good reminiscing for us of the eiffel tower, Chrysler building etc. Watched the Bellagio’s amazing fountain show- free outside the casino, to music and with water cannons shooting up 15 stories high. Had a huge day driving out to the Grand Canyon, Brett drove 1000km in one day, but it was worth it to see the gigantic scale of the canyon. It snowed for us! Was absolutely freezing, even more than Niagara ( something about us visiting the wonders of the world and it being freakishly cold…) about 3 degree celcius, coming from Vegas of nice mid twenties! And we were the ignorant fools who only wore shorts! The colours and changing light on the layered rock was beautiful. Last night we went to a dancing girls show- very classy albeit topless, but a proper show of different dances through the decades, a juggler who managed 2 bowling balls and a W&W (Australian M&Ms…) and thir award winning can-can with great acrobatics. More outlet shopping (believe it or not, still more bargains to fit in the suitcase). I rode 3 thrill rides yesterday all off the side of the observation tower in Vegas, about a 1200 feet in the air! Another few things to see today before we head into Death Valley this afternoon.