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Kel&Cez’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Feb 2006

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

MapGreetings from the Arctic Circle!

We flew up from Helsinki 2 days ago and are proud to say we have now truly experienced arctic conditions! Again, our hotel was quite well located and provided easy access to the bus which took us to Santa Claus' Village where we saw Reindeer and had the token photo taken with the big fella (Saint Nicholas)! All in all, unless you are a child of less than 8, you would be seriously disappointed with the whole village. As expected, it was very much orientated towards tourists but they could definitely do with a total refurbishment of not only the buildings but the general concept. Thankfully, we were only visiting Rovaniemi en route to Kemi. It would have been a total waste of time and money if we had gone all that way without anything else to do.

Rovaniemi's saving grace from our point of view were the arctic circle marker and the Arktikum Museum which provided a fantastic insight and history into the Sami People (Finland's native folk of the north) and other Lappish communities (other Scandos, Russian, Canadanians and Siberian northern folk). We also got to make further preparations for the snow castle by having a few hardy vodkas (kelly had a warm berry juice) in the Igloo Bar.

We're off to Kemi in a couple of hours and will hopefully have a much better time!

Love to you all,
Carey and Kelly xoxo.

P.S. We also saw our first ''Yellow Snow" here! Kelly was not too impressed - very funny!