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Kel&Cez’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Feb 2006

Location: Milan, Italy

MapAfter such a long entry for Kemi, we thought you would all appreciate a break. We have therefore only provided a brief description of our stay in Milan.

Upon arriving in the airport, we decided to catch the train into town. Kelly thought she would take the lead for a change (ignoring all of my suggestions as to which way we should go to arrive at the platforms) and took me on a wonderful trip to the 'south carpark' of the Milan Airport! Back in control, I found the correct platform, albeit as our train was leaving (without us!). Luckily, the next one was only a 25 minute wait. We finally made our way into the heart of Milan where we managed to jump on a tram (they seemed to be free!) which took us in completely the opposite direction to where we wanted to go. After a full circle, we arrived back at the train station and jumped on the correct tram, getting excited as we passed through some great looking areas on the way to our hotel. However, with each passing stop, the scenery was becoming less and less appealing until we finally reached our get-off point, a good 15 minute tram ride from where we had interpreted our hotel was according to the map provided on the internet! Anyway, after walking through a park full of drunks feeding the pidgeons at 2 in the afternoon, we headed past the drug-dealers doing their thing to the flashing neon-lights of what looked to be our hotel. I only needed one look from Kel before suggesting we take a little more time in choosing the other hotels for the rest of our trip! I suppose we were lucky in that the hotel/guest house wasn't quite as dodgy as its surroundings implied (close to it though!).

Major highlights in Milan included:

- the Duomo (of course!). Although the entrance facade was undergoing restoration works, inside was magnificent! We also walked up the stairs and onto the roof where we could fully appreciate the level of detail the sculptors and artisans accomplished in completing such a magnificent structure (took over 500 years to complete!).

- the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (shopping arcade) which adjoins the Piazza del Duomo. Pretty cool.

- having a fantastic dinner at a wonderful restaurant where, unfortunately, I also bit into a metal stud off a meat hammer/tenderiser that had fallen into my soup! Other than that, the meal was amazing and we lasted from 7pm until midnight where we were basically kicked out.

- being looked after by Kelly following our great dinner as I was far too ill to move due to a little food poisoning and a little wine the night before!

Despite what we had heard from numerous friends and relatives who have visited Milan, we quite enjoyed ourselves there. However, an imporant point to note is that we visited Milan at the beginning of our Italian leg whereas everyone else had visited at the end of their trip or after previously visiting other parts of the nation. I suppose time will tell as to where it sits in the scheme of things...

Sorry about my promise of a short entry going by the way-side. Hopefully you aren't too bored with our narratives!

Love youze all,

Caz and Jelly-Belly xoxo.