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Kel&Cez’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Feb 2006

Location: Siena, Italy

MapBuongiorno a Siena!

Before getting into Siena, we would like to advise all of you still patient/loyal enough to keep returning to our very slow work-in-progress, that the final entry for "Kemi" is now finished. We had accidently 'saved and displayed' instead of saving as a draft. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Siena. Once off the train and on the way up the hill to the centre of town, we were totally captivated by the charm of this beautiful and amazing city. The mostly cobblestoned and winding streets (where it is every person/mini-van/moped/car for themselves due to no pavements or gutters) together with the ancient buildings and generally relaxed atmosphere made this one of our favourite destinations on the trip. The photos definitely don't do it justice and the place must be visited to be truly appreciated.

Other highlights from Siena include:

- Our hotel, "Hotel Piccolo". Situated in an awesome position literally 50 paces from the main square 'Il Campo'. Extremely helpful and friendly staff and very comfortable rooms at a great rate.

- Dinner at a gorgeous little restaurant three levels below ground. The food, wine and service were amazing! Most definitely one of the best dining experiences we had on the trip.

- Getting lost in the maze of winding streets countless times!

- Stumbling across a great little local lunch place and having a grappa tasting session with the owner!

- Watching a couple of guys repair a roof/gutter with one end of the "safety rope" tied to the repairer and the other end being held by his mate (see photos)!

We hope everyone is well and loving life and look forward to receiving more of your very appreciated messages!

Love Carey and Kelly.