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Kel&Cez’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Feb 2006

Location: Althausee, Austria

MapGrüß Gott!

Welcome to Austria! After a lovely train ride from Verona on which the scenery changed from green countryside to snow-covered fields and mountains, we arrived safely in Salzburg and were met by our host for the week's skiing/boarding. We had to hang around Salzburg for a few hours before we were to pick up other guests at our lodgings so we wandered about and got to visit gardens where part of the Sound of Music was filmed (anyone who knows me well would appreciate how much I enjoyed this) and just soak up the atmoshere of Mozart's home town (his Anniversary year so chocolates everywhere!). We also had dinner at a fantastic restaurant, "Carpe Diem" where all manner of food is served in mini ice-cream cones! Awesome! We're pretty sure Christian Bale (American Psycho, Batman Begins...) was sitting at the table next to us. Claiming it anyway.

The trip from Salzburg to where we stayed was about an hour (south-west) and it was quite late once we arrived at our destination. As such, we didn't get a good look at it until the next day. Externally it was quite plain but internally, the common areas were nicely finished and we had a lovely bedroom and ensuite. The games room I would rather forget as Kel thrashed me 5-2 in Foozball! The house had a great little bar and working fireplace and the wife of the couple running the show was an amazing cook! Furthermore, we were only a 5 minute car trip to the mountain ("Loser" - pronounced lorzer) and lifts.

The first day on the slopes didn't quite go to plan as Kel was pretty sick and had to miss the morning's activities. I had a crack at boarding and was placed in the beginner's class with some 9 year olds and a fella of about 55. My confidence was shot straight away! I came back from this though and ended up having a great time (got a couple of private lessons and then the rest of the week was sweet). As she was crook, Kel missed her first two beginners' classes so we decided to get her some one on one action and wasn't that a stroke of pure genius! By the end of her first lesson, she was tearing down red runs (intermediate/blue ones back home)! Absolutely carving it up!

The week progressed very nicely and we had a great time on our first ski trip together. Kel picked skiing up really well and I managed not to hurt myself too badly.

Missing you all and hope you are enjoying the photos and mini-stories!

Off to Venice for Carnivale!

Love Carey and Kelly xoxo