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Kel&Cez’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Apr 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland

MapGo mbeannaí Dia dhuit from Ireland!

Another great time in this, the first half of 2006. Upon arriving in Dublin, Kelly and I were greeted by my Dad and Kevin. They drove us to Clontarf Castle where we were staying and there we met up with Mum, Sinead (Kev's fiance), Niamh and the Scaysbrooks. As we hadn't seen them since leaving Australia in January, the welcome hugs were extra good.

Highlights from this Easter trip include:
- Literary pub crawl through Dublin, learning about the literature legends of Ireland, drinking lots of guiness and being treated to a great display of live music at the Oliver St John!
- Easter celebrations at Sinead's parent's place with exceptional karaoke performances by Dad and Billy (Sinead's Dad).
- Day trip to Howth, a harbour with nice markets and a few very friendly and playful seals.
- Day trip to New Grange (a megalithic passage tomb built circ 3200BC). Very cool.
- A trundle around the garderns and hiking paths at Power's Court and seeing a pretty cool cemetary, spire and very old house at Glendalough Gardens
- Easter Egg hunt with Jack, Michael and Adele!!!

We hope you are well and are eagerly awaiting our next installment.

Love Carey and Kelly xoxo