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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Feb 2006

MapYep. You guessed it. Thanks to everyone who sent presents/cards etc. Much appreciated. Thanks Hanna also, well remembered. I'm less grateful to those who told me that i'm an old man. I know i probably said it to you all at some point, but you should know i'm only good at dishing it out, so stop it.
Going to a sauna party later, followed by a club. I have a feeling it's going to be a messy one.
My friends have said they will buy my drinks, but only 1 drink in particular, which i absolutely hate, and is guaranteed to come back up at some point. I'm hoping not during either of the 2 presentations that i have to give tomorrow, although i can appreciate that it would make a good story.
Anyway, only about 10 hours of birthday time left, so i'm going to go and see how many laws i can violate.