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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

MapClearly the line 'Sorry i'm English' still works. We went to the bar tonight for a few quiet drinks. We ended up staying until 4am and helping to sink 30 drinks (half pints for the english) or 15 pints to the layperson, without paying for a single one. Some random finnish man suggested that the english couldn't drink, and that we were rubbish at sport:

First of all...Rugby world champions, ashes holders, seeded (among the) favourites for the football world cup, snooker champions since...forever, basically we've won more than finland

Second of All, we produce more darts players than any country, and therefore are able to drink more beer than anybody. Scientific fact.

So in summary, Finland is great generally, but england is better at sport overall, and as sport outweighs generality, we win. (unless any of my finnish friends read this, in which case, reverse all the bad parts)

5:25am. Good night