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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006

Location: Finland

MapSuperb weekend. The Finns celebrate the longest day of the summer with a festival called Juhannus, which involves the entire country going to stay in their summer cottages, and of course being Finland the main aim is to get as drunk as is humanly possible. Not to be left out i spent Thursday to Saturday somewhere in a forrest near Tampere with 15 Finns.
Being the only non-Finn, i thought it was important to make my mark on the occasion in some way. Accordingly, i decided to throw up on my friend's rug, which actually went down quite well (except with her). By the following morning i had gained a considerable amount of respect, and consequently earned an invite next year. Easy when you know how.
The sun hasn't been down for weeks. Slightly strange at first but really cool once you get the hang of sleeping in daylight. Although it is confusing when i wake up at 3am and think it's time to get up, there are probably people in the world with worse problems. Dale Winton for example.
Then today i watched the football with a few friends, followed by a 2 hour sauna and numerous beers. And a dog licked my leg a lot. "He likes sweat" apparently. I'm not here to judge.