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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2006

MapIt is official. Clapton actually is god. I've put a few videos on here. I included wonderful tonight so that you can serenade your loved one(s). However it's in 2 parts because my camera only records for 3 minutes at a time, so you will need to create a distraction somewhere in the middle while you change clips.
The evening was rounded off nicely when i shared a 12 bed hostel room with 11 other men. Now i've heard snoring before, but this was like a whole new world. There were times when i actually feared for my life and/or the structural integrity of the building.
All in all i slept for half an hour, until i was awoken by a screaming Italian. I won't repeat what he was screaming, but rest assured he had also noticed the human tractor engine on the bottom bunk (who actually managed to sleep through the screaming). Anyway, i gave up at 5 am and got the train home.
Overall it was a success. I've now seen Clapton twice, once as a VIP, so i can live happily ever after.
Could do with a sleep though...