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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Aug 2006

MapPlayed another tournament this weekend. We were unbeaten on day one but by the end of it we were playing like senior citizens. A 10:30 kick off on a Sunday did not help. We drew 1-1, then it went to sudden death penalties. This was obviously a bad omen because 2 of us are English, and more importantly we had to play in red, so i was wearing...a Liverpool shirt (borrowed i might add).
Anyway, rather predictably i was told to take the first one. And yes, rather predictably, i missed it. They scored theirs, we lost, and i didn't get to do my Stuart Pearce-esque celebration after 6 years since my last penalty miss (against the mighty Witham town).
In my defence i put it right in the corner but the keeper was a big lad so he tipped it wide.

Here is a list of all the excuses i have thought of so far as to why i missed:
-Too hot and still dehydrated from last night (Russian beers)
-Liverpool shirt
-6 a side goal and big keeper
-I'm English
-Blisters (see photos)

This of course means it wasn't my fault