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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Oct 2006

MapNo niin...I am still here. The reason for my long absence is that i was offered the chance to apply for a PhD position starting in January, so i have been trying to get everything finished early in case i was accepted, rather than waiting and generally sitting around doing nothing until July. I appreciate that the student's role is to do as little as possible for as long as possible, but i have enough experience in that area already.
So i finally got confirmation today that i have been accepted, and will be starting in January at the University of Aalborg in Denmark. After 16 years of voluntary service, i will finally be getting paid. The project is actually a collaboration with my current uni, so it's likely that i will be backwards and forwards a bit. Throw in a burger and a date with Rachel and that basically covers all of my dreams in one go...Well actually i'd like Clapton to play to me each day but that's just unrealistic.
Anyway, part of the package also involves a pension fund, whereby i pay a proportion of my salary each month, and then decide after 3 years what i want to do with it. At first i thought this was slightly morbid (although almost bald, I'm still 22), and a bit unfair as the tax will also be relatively high compared to England...however i soon changed my mind when i realised that out of the total contribution, i pay 1 third and the university pays the other 2 thirds. This soon won me over.
I also learned today that some of the results of my master's thesis (once it's published) will be cited in a future book commissioned by the International Olympic Committee, and i have been asked to design a schematic to explain my findings, which will also be included.
As if the day could get any better, i counted my remaining beer bottles and found that i had enough to exchange them for another 12 pack of beer (10 cents per bottle). As it's a special occasion, i indulged in the biggest box of chicken nuggets i could find, and am now watching Maria Sharapova on the TV, beer in hand, nuggets in oven.
As far as days go, this one is probably up there with when i discovered Willy Wonka, and the one where i found a tenner on the floor in a nightclub.
Ps. Here is a quote from the information i was sent: "Spouse and children accompanying you to Denmark are also covered by the Danish National Health Insurance". It doesn't specify that the spouse or children have to be your own, so if anyone has a particular passion for Danish bacon, or an overwhelming desire to offload some children, please let me know.
For now, i must get back to the nuggets...