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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Location: Denmark

And a happy new year to all.
So i've been in Denmark for just over a week now. Everything's gone really well so far. I'm in a big 6 bedroom house and my housemates are all cool (they're all PhD students, some in computer sciences, so i use the word 'cool' incredibly loosely-all very nice though). The people in my department are all really nice and everyone has helped me a lot. I absolutely love my job. Great office sharing with an Argentinian guy and a Danish girl. There's also free coffee and cakes every Wednesday in the staff room, which i enjoyed. I found an English and an Irish bar that both show the premiership. There's even a canteen that serves sandwiches that you make yourself...with unlimited meat on top...which cost a quid each. However, i do have an issue with the weather. Allow me to elaborate. So far, i haven't seen the sun, nor has a single day passed without it raining for at least 3 hours. Now i'm no stranger to a drop of rain, or snow for that matter, but a few minutes of sunlight wouldn't hurt. I wasn't exactly tanned when i arrived, so spending 3 months here followed by a spell in Finland is hardly going to win me the coveted 'tanner of the week' award. And whether we're willing to admit it to ourselves or not, we all know it's what we're after.
I'd also like to add that when i arrived in Finland, i was met at the bus stop by my tutor, a particularly attractive young blonde lady. However when arriving here, i was met by the department secretary, who is very nice, but alas, she is neither young nor blonde. Disappointing.
But on the bright side, i do get to eat danish bacon whenever i want (of course here it's more simply referred to as bacon), so on the balance of things, i'm still smiling.
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