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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007

Location: Denmark

MapThe good news: I will be performing the first study of my PhD in April in Finland, and then presenting some of the findings at a small symposium in Denmark in May. As luck would have it, some of the best muscle researchers on the planet also happen to be attending. This means i get to make some useful contacts, get some good feedback about my work, and most importantly- take advantage of an all expenses paid trip. I am assuming this includes unlimited meat sandwiches, but naturally i will get confirmation before i agree to anything.
The even better news: My extremely kind superiors at SMI would like to buy a new ultrasound machine so that i can perform more of my research in Aalborg, and they left it up to me to decide which machine i want...and of course the one i want happens to be the newest and most expensive machine on the market.
'No problem', they said.
In real money terms, the whole thing will cost about the same amount as a small house in Finland. I briefly considered ditching the project and just using the money to buy the house, but apparently that isn't how it works.
Not to appear greedy, i decided i would accept their offer for now. I'll ask about the house at a later date.
In other more frightening news: I am 23 in one week