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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Nov 2007

Location: Denmark

MapIt has come to my attention that i haven't written on here for a while so i decided to correct this in writing from the 7th floor of a B&B in Copenhagen. I arrived yesterday afternoon, and within about 10 minutes of getting off the plane, i was on a train that stopped a few minutes from where i'm staying. When i got to the place, i met potentially the most hospitable B&B owner on the planet. As no one needs my room until Monday, he said i can stay as long as i want today for free. All very Scandinavian so far. Earlier i walked along the coastline and bumped into a friend of mine from Aalborg who is here for the same course ( I would have been quite surprised to see someone i know in such a big place, however, yesterday i saw 2 friends in Tampere before leaving Finland, and last night i saw a professor i know here in Copenhagen. Either i am very popular or it is indeed a small world. I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Tonight i am heading to 'Europe's biggest designer hostel' to meet my friends, where we will be staying for the next week (Although i am going to Aalborg for one day in between). Apparently it's a 5 star hostel.

Now i must return to my lunch of roast beef sandwiches, and my extraordinary view of Copenhagen.