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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

Location: Denmark

MapSo here we are again. After approximately 9 months in Finland (with about 4 visits to Denmark mixed in) I am back in Aalborg on a semi-permanent basis.

After a 2 hour airport delay I arrived with the worst plane landing in history, and for a short time actually believed we might crash to a halt rather than the conventional method of using the brakes. To be honest, it would've been a welcome distraction from the crying infant sat immediately next to me, whose mother insisted on elbowing me at every opportunity for no apparent reason.

When we finally got off the plane it was snowing, and it has been ever since. Although i wasn't immediately bowled over by my new accommodation, it has progressively grown on me throughout the day and now i actually quite like it. Add to this the fact that the internet worked at the very first attempt, and i really can't complain. Earlier i met my room-mate with whom i share a bathroom & fridge: Fabio from Brazil. Very convenient as he shares a name with the England manager. Seems like an absolute legend so far, and he told me i can use anything i like, even his food. He may regret saying that after a few days...

Despite the conspicuous lack of a sauna, i am fairly satisfied with my first 15 hours here. Tomorrow I, an Englishman, intend to go and find an Irish pub in the north of Denmark, and quietly continue studying with my Finnish book. Just to be different.