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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2008

Location: Denmark

MapI am having some difficulties uploading photos at the moment, so I will put more on later. In any case, most of them are of our latest measurements so they are probably not as exciting for the general public as they are for me.

So far I have measured 12 of the 50 people that I intend to over the next 7 weeks. On the plus side, i will publish an additional 5 papers based on the data we collect, and of course, I will use some of it to squeeze in a few conference trips (also known as holidays) in the meantime.

The first of which is in Lisbon in July and I booked my hotel yesterday...100m from the beach.

I can't throw to save my life but even for me that's a stone's throw away...