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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Feb 2008

Location: Denmark

MapApproximately 40 days into the year and so far i have spent most of it in a lab. Another month and that will hopefully be over, as it would be nice to see the sun at some point.

Last week i was briefly in Finland, and while i was there i managed to appear in a film about research that was made for Japanese TV. It involves a comparison of jumping technique between me and the olympic high jump champion, Stefan Holm...he may have just edged it on the technical front.

Fortunately the Japanese film crew gave me some chopsticks and curry for taking part, so even if the olympic champion is a better jumper than me (!), at least i don't need to pay for dinner for a while. The joke is clearly on him.

Two presentations this week:

We have also planned to run experiments on 8 subjects this week...