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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Jul 2008

Location: Portugal

MapWell well. I have just returned from a very eventful conference in Estoril. In highlight form:

-I gave my presentation last Wednesday and was then selected in the top 10 for the Young Investigator's competition
-Because i was in the top 4, i had to present again on Saturday in the main auditorium in front of everyone
-I came 2nd, collected a nice check for €3000 and went off to celebrate
-There was then some controversy because quite a few people said i should've won-The supervisor of the guy who came 4th said it was 'a joke', which was nice (for me, not so much for the winner)
-A guy in my hotel said it was 'an absolute disgrace' and that he was going to write to the board of directors to complain about the fact that i didn't win, which was again nice
-When i arrived at Lisbon airport to go home, my plane got delayed by 2 hours, which meant i missed my connecting flight to Helsinki. The kind woman in Frankfurt got me on a later flight, which eventually landed in Helsinki at 1:20am
-Unsurprisingly, the airline lost my luggage, although i only discovered this after waiting in baggage reclaim for 40 minutes, missing my bus home
-After giving them my details, i waited a further 2 hours, then got the next bus home, which took another 4 hours
-I then cycled home from the train station at about 8am, meaning that travelling from Lisbon to Jyväskylä took about 22 hours
-This is only 1 hour less than the time it will take me to get to Sydney in November. Impressive

Nonetheless, i'm still about €2900 in profit, so i won't complain too loudly. The congress organizers took some photos of the prize winners so i will add those later on.

Now i think that sleep might be in order