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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008

MapSo here i am again in Copenhagen- Home of the pig, vast quantities of coffee and as i discovered the other day- sex shops. I arrived on Sunday night and went looking for my hotel, and by the time i found it, i assumed there was some mistake. Virtually every building in the street was a sex shop or strip club, and the streets were quite literally lined with prostitutes. It didn't take me long to realise that the reason they were all saying 'hello' to me was not that they were all exceptionally polite young ladies who happened to be standing outside at 10pm.

Anyway, i have added the marathon photos. It is unfortunate that they don't quite convey the pain i was feeling in my legs at the time. The strange thing about marathon running is that you spend most of the race wishing you were at the finishing line, and when you actually cross it you realise that you are still in complete agony. Although i spent the last 15km telling myself i will never run anywhere again, i have decided to continue running half marathons for the foreseeable future, with an outside chance of running the full London marathon at some point.

If my knees give up on me, i will instead buy an electric wheelchair and a few duracell batteries and do the marathon in that. I think it would be considerably easier.