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Thursday, 19 Jan 2006

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland

MapHyvää ilta,

Ok so i'm in Finland, been here since August blah blah blah
So far i've been to Sweden and Latvia, and obviously quite a few places in Finland as well. I'm also planning to go to Tallinn (Estonia) around my birthday (Feb 20th- all presents are welcome).
For those who haven't been, here's a comprehensive guide to Stockholm and Riga:

Sweden- Blonde, tall buildings, women who spit (tobacco before you ask), cheap hotels.

Latvia- Stupidly cheap (30p for half a litre of beer), everyone speaks like Borat, nightclubs, bit like London but no psychos.

And of course Finland- Awesome all-round, but very cold at the moment.

Who needs a lonely planet guide?

Today was the coldest day so far: -29 degrees this morning apparently. I had 3 pairs of gloves on and my hands were still numb (only when i cycled though). I also had icicles on my eyelashes which is pretty cool as long as you don't close your eyes for more than 2 seconds. The same goes for touching metal without gloves-almost had an incident with a door, which possibly looked ridiculous as it was automatic and started to open with my hand nearly stuck to it. I laughed, as did the receptionist. You possibly had to be there.

Anyway, it's supposed to be slightly warmer tomorrow (-23) so we'll see what happens...
By the way, i'll put more pictures on when i get time. Most of them are either of drunk people, things covered in snow, or drunk people covered in snow, so you're not missing much.