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Suomi Je Suis’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jan 2006

Location: Finland

MapOk so the weather forecast was was -32 yesterday instead. My bike chain came off 4 times on the way to uni, and then broke completely just before i got there, so i was well pleased. Anyone thinking of visiting in the next few weeks might want to reconsider. It turns out icicles on the eyelashes aren't actually much fun, as they eventually stick together so you can't see anything. Still, i'm all about new experiences.
Bought another pair of gloves as well, so that takes me to 4 pairs. Plus i've invested in fleece underwear, which is actually more like a tracksuit from the 70's but it does the trick nicely, and no-one knows you're wearing it so it's all good.
As for today, i'm torn between watching spurs on tv, and sauna/ice-hole swimming. As the temperature is -30, this could be an easy choice.
For those i haven't yet told, part of the research i did at Brunel has been published in the Journal of sports sciences. Anyone who wants to read it can use this link:

Then open in new window. It should work. Otherwise you can read it in a library, or pay £1200 to subscribe...up to you of course.

Must dash. Exam on monday..

ps. happy birthday stella