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tappers’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Nov 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapAfter leaving Bali we spent two days back in Thailand which were truly exaustive. The first day we went on a mad shopping spree to the huge weekend market, the MBK shopping centre, and the Kho San market - we brought lots of gifts for all of you. On Sunday we daytripped to Kanchanaburi province which is located in the western part of Thailand - here we visited the River Kwai and its historically famous bridge. We also checked out the Sai Yok waterfall which was a multi-tiered paradise located within dense tropical jungle. Yet our real reason for spending the our final day in Kanchanaburi was to visit the tiger temple, where monks have taken in a group of tigers and raised them in captivity. It was here that we got to walk around with the tigers and stroke them, which was both a terrifying and amazing experience. The whole park was very natural with groups of buffalo, boar, and peacocks romaing free and the tigers seemed to be happy in this temple environment!

Leaving Asia was a melancholic experience as i have spent over six months there so it was kinda like home - it is sad to think that i won't be returning to Asia soon, yet at the same time it is a treasured experience! The flight to Sydney was pretty awful and the immigration and quarantine procedures here are a complete joke - but we soon arrived at our chosen destination of Kings Cross. It was typical of us to pick the seediest destination in Sydney in which to base ourselves - lots of strip clubs and streets lined with prostitutes, but at least our room is nice!!

Spent our first day in Sydney doing the tourisity things such as vsiting the opera house and the world famous harbour - it is just as impressive as you see on the televison and photos, though the opera house itself is a bit cack! We walked across the harbour bridge to the other side of the water which was a fun but windy experience - the views back to the skyscraoers of the central business district were impressive. After this we strolled through the area known as the rocks which is where the first convicts in Australia were based! Our second day in Oz was spent visiting Taronga zoo and all of its exciting animal species - especially the Australian favourites of wombats, kangaroos, and koalas! We also visited the blue mountains which are a spectacular example of lush forest scenery - we trekked to the three sisters rock formation and just hung out in the quaint little town!

Today Lana left which has me more than sad - it has been a funny day really. But at least tomorrow i am meeting up with an old friend who lives in Sydney so that should be fun! It is a shame that i will only be in Oz for the total time of a week as i would love to see Uluru and the great barrier reef - but that will just have to wait until another trip! For now its onward to South America on Tuesday which should be exciting!!