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tappers’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Nov 2006

Location: Santiago, Chile

MapThe remainder of my stay in Sydney was spent wondering around the markets and shopping malls - can you believe that they are all geared up for Christmas already, with huge pine trees lining the streets - the world has gone crazy!!

Other than that i visited the Sydney Wildlife world which was a display of Australias animals from the deadly redback spider to the frilled lizard and cute kangaroos. Though the deadly casawari bird was truly terrifying! I also visited the Sydney Aquarium which is a tranquil and relaxing place full of crocodiles, platypus and funky jellyfish - though the shark pool and finding nemo influenced great barrier reef exhibit were astounding!

Sydney is supposed to be a city that receives 300 days of sunshine a year - as it is the height of summer at the moment you would expect good weather, but for my entire stay it pissed it down constantly! Unfortunately this dashed my plans for partaking in a tandem skydive which left me more than a little dissapointed.

I got to hook up with my friend Rayni whom i met whilst travelling in Africa four years ago, and spent a few days at her house on the Northern beaches - the place which is known as summer bay on the famous soap opera Home And Away! We visited the cute beaches of Manly and the world famous beach of Bondi. Despite the weather i started to learn surfing and can now ride a wave standing up on the board all by myself which is cool! Though the constant worry of sharks was more than a little unnerving!

On the 7th November i took a plane over to South America - after spending twenty hours in the air i crossed the international date line and thus arrived in Chile on the morning of the 7th November. It was just like groundhog day having to re-live the same day twice! Santiago is in such a cool location high up in the Andes mountains - looking up through the skyscrapers you can see snow capped peaks towering high above you, which is an awesome sight. Santiago itself is a bit of a nothing city and is little more than urban sprawl, there is not to much to see and do but the parks are nice to chill in and the nightlife is good - especially getting drunk on cheap Chilean wine! Today i went up into the mountains on a cable car which gave remarkable views of the city down below! Tomorrow i am flying into Rio De Janeiro in Brazil which i am very excited about - it has always been my dream to visit Rio and i will soon be there. Brazil marks the final destination of my trip...