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tappers’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Nov 2006

Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

MapArrived in Brazil a few days ago and i must say that it is such an amazing place - Rio is definately the most beautiful city in the world! Arrived Rio late at night which was a slightly unnerving experience, because all you ever here about Brazil is how dangerous it is! Yet for me i have experienced nothing but friendliness and the odd gunshot sound - the police are absolutely everywhere so you really do feel protected.

Unfortunately for me the weather had been really crappy - overcast and raining since i arrived. Yet this hasnt stopped me from visiting the world famous Copacabana Beach which is just full of beautiful people! I also went up the sugarloaf mountain which gives beautful views out over Rios cityscape. Whilst this morning i visited the christ the redeemer statue high in the mounatains and tropical forests above Rio.

The brilliant thing about this city is its diversity and i definately reccomend for anyone to experience Rio at least once in their lives - truly magical!