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cruising around’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Mar 2006

Location: Barbados

We made it to The carnival Legend after some long traveeling time and little sleep but the boat is very pretty. Much bigger than we first thoughti it would.
Hadf a busy first week with learning my new job and taking part in all the safety training but that is all over now and I can relax a little more. Had a great time in Barbados. The beach was lovely and it was so hot. Didn't go into the water though. Hit the cocktail bar instead. Looking forward to going to Panama on the 12th. I plan to get off early and check it out.
The ship is massive. It has 10 passenger decks and 3 crew decks. There are over 50 different nationalities on board. Most of which are really friendly. There are 4 swimming pools including a log flume and a really nice spa and gym area which we can use. There is lots of dinning areas and bars and there are 3 theatres along with lots of other things to do which I haven't explored yet.
Heading off to work now.
Hope everything is good for you.
Love Penny and Stuart