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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006

Location: Punta Leona, Costa Rica

MapWe got our asses out of bed , all hungover, at like 6 am. Pretty sure we just went to bed a few hours ago. Hiked up to Frank's to catch the bus to Cobano, then caught a bus to Paquera, then the Ferry to Puntarenas. I had to stop at a pharmacy in Puntarenas - seems the water shooting up my urinary tract from the waterfall jump caused a UTI - go figure. So after telling the pharmacist in english and actions, she figured out what i was saying (at first she thought i was telling her i was pregnant!) and i got some antibiotics. No doctor or prescription needed here, just ask and you shall recieve! Cheap drugs, yes! We found a Cab to take us to Punta Leona, this is the half way mark of our trip so we decided to splurge and stay at a supe swanky, expense place - Villa Caletas. We stopped randomly on this bridge along the way and the cabbie turns to me, and says 'come with me' sketch, but i followed. He was taking me to view some crocidiles hanging out in the river below they were so HUGE! i called the rest of the girls, snapped some pics and back on the way. When we turned into Villa Caletas the scenery and views literally took my breath away, it is this long drive up to the top of a cliff on a point along the pacific coast. So amazing. We check in, and they let us know stef and Bryn can stay with us no problem, there is a rollaway bed under the main bed in the room. Perfect. Our room is rustic, but nice. Our balcony overlooks the ocean, again amazing view. Candles and other cute decoratins around the room. Huge bathroom with mirrors everywhere - weird to see ourselves! For dinner we order room service - WOW! so good, steak fajitas, ceaser sald. After dinner we go watch the most beautiful sunset in this amphitheatre with heated seats. It is the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen. The pictures don't even look real. It was like an exaggerated painting - fiery red and it just kept getting better even when the sun fell below the horizon. We jumped in the Hot Tub and then back to the room to veg in front of the tv and fall asleep - long day!