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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

Location: Quepos, Costa Rica

MapSp we slept in til about 9ish. So weird to be in a room that is quiet, and actually dark from curtains! I could wake up to this view everyday and never be tired of it! Had a hot shower, a long hot shower, feel clean for the first time since we have been here.Bad news today tho, Stef and Bryn didn't put their wallets in the safe, and this morning they are missing money. The only time someone was in our room was last night while we were watching the sunset and the housekeeping staff came in to set up the extra bed. We relize that it is our fault for not lockin git up, but it just goes to show you that you can stay in the cheapest hostels and have nothing bad happen and then spend hundreds and have even less security. Crazy. We had another posh, but delicious meal! We paked up our stuff and had it locked up so that we could check out by check out time buit still use the facilities for the day. The pool here is amazing! Infinity styles with a wicked view. I love it. We chilled til about 2:30 when we took the 10 minute cab ride to Jaco to catch a bus to Quepos. Jaco was cute, didn't really see much of the town. Had a couple empanadas while waiting for the bus. Bus was super full and we had to stand for a while, but got seats eventually. The ride was way longer than we expected, and made us believe for a minute that we may have missed our stop! It was dark by the time we pulled into town, no idea where to stay and some girl from our bus suggested checking out the Wide Mouth Frog a few blocks down the road. We walked, it got sketchy looking and we almost turned around but saw it at the last minute. We got a private room with bathroom for like 10 bucks each. Sweet. The hostel is super nice, pretty new. Kitchen, pool, internet, phone, TV lounge - really chill. Pleasently surprised. Went to check out the town (although most of the shops were closed because it was pretty late). Had some dinner, chimichungs, so good! Headed back and to bed!