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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Feb 2006

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

MapAnother long day on the bus! Read by the pool until like 10:30, checked out and headed to the bus station. Grabbed a pizza for the ride, and hopped on! Once in San Jose we walked for a bit, got sketched out and hopped in a cab. We headed to the Mercado Artesanal fo those last minute souverniers. It s a pretty cool place, not too overwhelming or busy, and some pretty cool stuff that you can bargain for. Then we hit up the Super to grab some Salsa sauce and coconut cookies to take home. The restaurant, Nuestra Tierra, we ate at the first night was just up the street so we decided to eat there - seemed fitting. Had some good ole casados and caught a taxi to our hotel for the night. We decided not to stay in San Jose, not our favouritw place to say the least, and it is actually kinda far from the airport. And since we don't fly out til 2 tomorrow, we wanted to find a pool and sun to chill by in the morning. Not two things we have often found together in San Jose. So we stayed at this place like 2 seconds from the airprt, the Hampton (found a good deal on expedia!) and it is so nice! so weird at the same times because i feel like i am in Florida or something because it is so Americanized. We have a King sized, comfortable bed, which is a nice change from hostel bunks! And a hot shower to clean before we go on the plane! We sit in awe of the t.v in front of us, its been a while...Later we went and checked out the casion across the street. What an experience! All the machines are obviously in Spanish, and we can't figure out the instructions, so we would just put some money in and when we pushed too many buttons that made the screen flash or freeze, we would go to a new machine. It is quite possible that the machine we left was a winner, but we couldn't figure it out, and when we asked the staff they just kinda stared at us. It was a short lived excursion. I really can't believe we leave tomorrow, it feels like we just got here, but at the same time the last time we were in San Jose seems like an eternity ago...