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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2006

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

MapWe did nothing all morning -- had some (Free) breakfast, and caught some final rays. Grabbed the shuttle to the airport, it was so busy! the line ups were huge, thankfully we came early! They were searching everyone bags by hand, maybe they don't have x-rays, i dunno. But when it got to me, they took one loook at my pack and just waived me through. Good plan, i wouldn't want to open that either. Besides the mess, the smell may take over the entire airport! The plane ride to miami was fine, but once in Miami it was Chaos! That is the most disorganized and confusing airpoort i have ever been in! It was fine on the way down, but coming in from and international flight and having to catch a connecting was insane. We had to get our bags and rechecked them and go through security again. Somehow we missed customs - ya seriously, we could be drug smugglers very easily - at no point were we directed to any officials. So sketch. Once on the plane we were delayed on the runway for like 1/2 hour before taking off, and then in Detroit because we were late landing they couldn't find us a ground crew to dock. They finally did, but them the arm of the walkway thing was broken and we couldn't switch gates for some reason so we waited til the fixed it. By fix it i mean they brought it close enough so that with a very LONG step or jump you would be on the walkway. Sketch. But we were here! An hour late, but safe and sound! Todder picked us up and drove us home where we arrived around 2:30 am. Exhausted.