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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Mar 2006

Location: St. Thomas, Canada

MapJust a quick Becky was sick all weekend, and got admitted to the hospital - she was fevering, throwing up, headache, a rash on her back - SHE GOT THE DENGUE!! Kinda funny, kinda not. We joked about dengue fever the whole trip. I guess thats what we get. She is doing alright, they hooked her up to IV to rehydrate her, and gave her some meds to keep the fever down, and now it will just run its course. She was discharged and just has to go back in every 12 hours for IV hookup to keep her hydrated, she'll be fine and back to work this week. how crazy is that?? Lucky for us she at least got it after we were home, that would have sucked to get it down there! Other than that we are both adjusting to 'normal' life just fine!
Oh and there are tons more pics up at myspace -