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Costa Rica’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Feb 2006

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

MapWe are here!! Yay!! OUr flight here was quite eventful...Detroit to Miami was fin, but from Miami to San Jose, well it was an interesting experience. I am not an uneasy flyer at all, in fact flying does not produce any fears in me at all, except for this experience. So we are about to take off, flight attendents prepare, blah, blah, blah. And this man decides to get up from his seat, the flight attendent closest to him says sir you have to sit down, and he is like no i need to go to the bathroom, and she was like well we are taking off you need to sit down. It escalates, she informs him it is a federal regulation to follow instructions of the crew, he calls her a bitch heads to the bathroom (which is right beside our seats). She goes up front to get another flight attendent (male) to help her out, dude comes out of the bathroom and finally sits down but the yelling between him and the flight attendent continues - i pay your salary, no you do not, i am a paying customer, blah, blah, blah. I am not gonna lie, I was fully expecting shards of metal to come flying at me as the bomb in the bathroom exploded - it wwas just a really unnerving experience! THe rest of the flight wasn't any less sketchy either he visited every bathroom on the plane, was wondering around flossing his teeth, ripping open his luggage - his shit was everywhere. Random. And it was only a 3 hour flight! ANyways i came to the conclusion that there was something seriously mentally wrong with him, OCD perhaps, and kind of got away from my terrorist fears by the end of the flight.
So we land in San Jose, get our bags, see an ATm and decide to see if our bank cards work and take some local currency out (we only have US dollars on us). Not too sure of the conversion or anything, i choose the 8000 colones option, sounds like alot yes?? Ya too bad that 500 colones = 1 US dollar. Thats right folks I was holding a whopping 16 bucks!! We had a shuttle pick us up at the airport to take us to our hostel downtown, and by shuttle i mean a sketchy seatbeltless Toyaota van. Oh and our driver didn't speak any english so that was fun. Especially when the bus breaks down on the way there!! He gets out and starts crawling under the van thing, i am trying to ask him if everything is ok, he just smiles and tells us to stay in the van.I would like to also point out that the drivers here are probably the most psycho people i have ever seen, lines on the road they mean nothing. Stop signs, nada. Oh and stop lights- ya nobody stops at them no matter what colour they are! So the man comes up from under the car and tries to start it up again, no luck. So he calls another random from the street to come and hold the gas pedal down (WHAT?!?) while he goes back under to fix it. I was quite terrrified that he would tinker around down there and with the random holding down the gas pedal we would go flying into the psycho traffic. It finally got fixed, and we made it to our hostel, COsta RIca Backpackers, we are in a room with 4 bunk beds. So us, a girl from Finland, a girl from France, and i guess some other randoms we haven't met. We went out to find some food, ate at a retaurant down the raod and had our firt casado. A typical Costa Rica dish consisting of beans, rice, fried plaintains, choice of meat, and salad. Washed her down with a little Imperial (local beer). Good eats, but i will definately be tired of rice and beans by the end of this trip!!