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Anna’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Aug 2004

Location: Sunny Stockholm, Sweden

MapHello Hello Hello Everyone!
Well things have finally settled down enough in Stockholm for me to write happily to everyone. It's been a real up and down here for me - I finally realised that moving across the other side of the world by yourself is not easy like I first imagined it might be, and that the Swedes do not come running up with open arms saying 'Anna! You are finally here! Welcome to my family and friends, let me buy you a beer, let me introduce you to my sexy single male friends' - it's been almost like that, but really no where close at all!
I've been working my couple of days a week at 'The Dingo' - did I tell you that I got myself a waitressing job in an Australian Restuarant? I know, not the most culturally exciting place to work, but I pretty much just walked into the job and didn't need a lot of Swedish so it's been good for me. I meet a lot of Aussies and Kiwis - and would you believe that out of all of them, I've met a total of 1 who didn't come here to be with a Swedish girlfriend/boyfriend. That makes me (since I also did not) a bit of a novelty and people can't get over asking me 'so why exactly did you come here Anna?'
We had a great weekend last weekend with the restuarant catering for the annual Rugby 10's competition. I got to work the bar and had a ball chatting to all the rugby boys without their shirts on - mmmm. Funny how it works when you go overseas, back home I can't stand rugby (like I mean, can't stand it) but here I've become an avid fan, sitting around the pub with the boys and cheering the Aussies on - strange strange strange....
Had my Aunt Ruth and some of her friends here last week and we did a heap of touristy things - it was nice because Stockholm is such a beautiful city, so I started to appreciate it again and remember why I first came here. We went out 2hours by boat into the Archipeligo and packed a picnic lunch and lay on the rocks and swam and rowed this little boat around - it was gorgeous.
Now I'm planning a week down in Göteborg to visit some friends there and in a couple of weeks my ma comes over for a while. Yay! We are going to visit some areas of Sweden that I've never seen, and maybe duck over to Turkey for a visit - finally someone to help me with my Swedish and maybe help me look for a real job.
Anyway, hope everyone is well. Love getting your emails and messages so keep them coming. Next week I'll post some more photos so check them out.
Love to everyone,
Anna :)