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Anna’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Aug 2004

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

MapDoes anyone miss me? I swear you've all forgotten about me over here..... (did that sympathy trick work for me to get a couple of messages!!!)
So how are things in Aus and around the world? After just checking out another travel page I've realised how absolutely shite mine is (I can't help it that technology has overtaken me and left me back in remote China!) so I figure I'll just have to amuse you with my written wit.
So news for you all - I'm moving to Göteborg - Yay!!! (for those that don't know, it's the second biggest city in Sweden - home of all the hip and single - ha!) I had such a great week there on holidays, came back and did one really shitty shift at the Dingo and decided that night to move there. I've a lovely lovely new friend Ulrika there who has promised that we can 'do coffee' everyday (do you think I can count 'doing coffee' as a hobby?) and I've great family and friends who I know I can count on to help me settle in and enjoy being a Swede (even if only half a one). I realised I was doing the much dreaded London thing* - just here in Sweden! Sorry for disappointing anyone - I'm on the right track now!
*You know, where Aussies move across the world to London to hang out with other Aussies.....
Um, other news, I'm turning into a little a fatty? My excuse of 'the clothes drier is shrinking all my clothes' was proved incorrect today when I recieved some clothes that mum sent from Australia (ahh - maybe she has been using the clothes drier as well, thats Ok then - phew....)
Thats about it - yes, I will put more photos on - just fighting with my digital camera cards, they want me to download my photos but I'm too tight to pay to do it in a shop so am looking for a technologically capable friend.
Love love love to you all - don't forget me too soon!
Anna :)