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Anna’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 Feb 2005

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

MapHello Everyone! And welcome to my final (I think!) diary entry in Sweden. Its all finally happening, with another week and a half here in Göteborg, a week in Stockholm and then back home to Brisvegas.
So you are probably wondering what I've done to make my last couple of months worthwhile in Sweden.....
No, no skiing or boarding, not even any snowmen or snowfights! Although I did go iceskating once, and it was scary! I can tell I'm getting older cause I'm scared of falling over!
A couple of weekends ago Freddan and I drove down to the south of Sweden (where they all talk funny) to visit his sisters. Ofcourse after a week or so of beautiful sunny weather, it decided to snow storm on the weekend that we went away, so we had over 2ft of snow, and blizzard conditions the whole time that we were there. yay. It sucked cause the area we went to was supposed to be very beautiful, but I couldn't see past 1m out the car or apartment window. And it was sort of scary driving around when the little 'traction lost' button starts flashing and beeping on the dash when you're slipping around on the road with other cars.
But we actually went down for Freddans birthday, so we had a lovely birthday dinner, and then on Monday we went to Copenhagen (Denmark....) for a bit of a look around. Again, in lovely weather, would have been beautiful, but we just froze our asses off, and spent most of the time either drinking Danish beer or eating Danish pastries (good mix that!). We did have a look around Christiana in Copenhagen, which is like a little independant hippy area in the city where you can sit out in the sun, drink beer and buy drugs (they even had a sign on the departure gate saying 'Welcome to the EU'), but when we were there it was all locked up for winter, with only a few very scary looking men with dogs with muzzles and chain, offering us hash.
But, needless to say, after 3 days in the freezing and wet cold, I got a very bad case of influenza, which I am still getting over. Today is my 6th day inside, reading and watching dvds and going stir crazy. We decided to venture out yesterday cause it was a beautiful day and we were going mental so we drove down to Mastrand, which is like a holiday island where everyone goes in summer. But its got this huge fortress on it where the Swedes defended themselves against the Danes, so its sort of cool to see. But, it was -8degrees out, and we were told on the way back that the wind chill was -25degrees so maybe it wasn't such a good day trip.....
Now I busy planning my going away party for Sunday night. The boss is opening the Scotsman for me, so it should be fun, fingers crossed I'm feeling a little better.
And I'm packing up and doing all the little shitty things that have to be done. I'm leaving all my winter clothes here, so who knows, I might be back.
Anyway, looking forward to seeing you when I get back home. I washed my mobile telephone in the washing machine last week, so have lost most of my numbers, but hey, I'm sure we will work something out.
Lots of love, and be seeing you!
Anna :)
Bec in Mt Isa, have you changed your email adress? I wrote to you at the xtrata one but haven't recieved a reply..... but maybe you are just slack..... Kisses!