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Anna’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jul 2004

Location: Sweden

MapWell, I guess in order for people to write messages to me, I have to keep my diary updated, got it!
So i've settled into life in Stockholm fairly easy. Been here a month now and already I know to go straight to the ticket machine as soon as you go into the chemist/ ticket office/ bottlo and know that if I want to wash my clothes I need to book the machines in the apartment at least a week in advance. Here's a good fact for you, I have to go through 4 locked doors to get to our communial washing room - not including my own door - that's the sort of overkill that's built into everything over here!
I started my language course 2 weeks ago and (I reckon) I'm going pretty well. I'm a bit lazy with my homework but I'm lucky in that I've got my rellies here to practice with- although my grandmother speaks a sort of mix of Swedish/German/English which I don't think is so good for me to learn from....