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Colin and Sue’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Aug 2006

Location: UK

Map6 days to go!
We've both finished work now and said all our fond farewells. Can't believe we won't be working for another 12 months - sure we'll miss it! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes.
We've done a trial pack, with room to spare (so Sue's thinking: what else can I take?). For proof see the updated photo page.
Hoping the airport situation gets back to normal before we go - hard to imagine a 12 hour flight without a book (or toothbrush, bottle of water, moisturiser etc).
Last Spanish lesson tonight, although we think we're going backwards rather than forwards - no reflection on Annie our teacher, just not enough practice.
Colin is making sure he has a last fix of English delicacies - pork pie from our local bakery and cheese on toast with Worcester Sauce. Just as well neither of us are Marmite fans. Might have to smuggle some English tea into our bags though!