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Colin and Sue’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Aug 2006

Location: Ecuador

MapFinished school for now!! Thank goodness - I never want to hear the words "verbos irregulares" or "imperativo" again as long as I live!

Had a good time last night, came to the South American Explorers Club for a talk and video on Ecuador and Peru (and first decent glass of red wine for a week) and then went out to eat with Shirley from Leeds to the Cafe Vista Hermosa. It´s a cafe in the centre of the old part of town with an outdoor terrace on the 5th floor with patio heaters so it was warm enough to be outside. All the main buildings are illuminated so we had great views. We wanted to walk to the main square - we checked with the waitress that it was safe to walk there (and only a block away). As we left, we weren´t sure of the way and guessed right, we checked with the doorman, who said "No, no, no" and made a throat slitting gesture! So we went left and survived to tell the tale.

Really looking forward to going out to the Central Sierra for some hiking and scenery. We´re staying at The Black Sheep Inn for four days from tomorrow (if we manage the buses!) it´s an "eco" place - organic vege food and composting toilets!