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Lauren’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 May 2006

Location: Cannes, France

MapGO TO CANNES, FRANCE!!!!! Having just spent an amazing few days with an amazing few girls on the Southern coast of France in Cannes, I can confidently tell you that if you are looking for a good place to sit on the beach, go here.
We had a blast! Of course, it helped that we had an beautiful apartment all to ourselves for absolutely free (thanks Cassi's host mom!) and also that our little visit coincided with the International Film Festival... Let's just say that going out at night was a really big deal. We're talking invite-only, designer dress, champagne affairs. The first night, Heather and I braved the scene to go watch all of the beautiful people try to get on guest lists and/or past the bouncers. The second night all four of us got invited by some friends we met on the beach to go out with them. With the help of a very french David (pronounced Dah-veed), we got intoa pretty posh party and danced up a storm. We think they're were probably some french famous people there, but didn't really have any idea who they were. However, we did see some celebrities arrive to the festival via the red carpet! All that plus a great tan/almost burn made for a fantastic time (and the 2 week full-body peel was totally worth it!).
I start final exams tomorrow... If only I could spend more "finals study periods" like this one!