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Lauren’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Rome, Italy

MapI am soooo happy to be travelling with my family in Italy right now! I'll give a brief recap of where we've been so far:
I met the three international travellers as they got off the metro in Paris and we were all so excited to start our adventures - especially Adam since this is his first trip to Europe! Being the expert in residence after only 3 prior visits to Paris, I took the family around to the highlights: Eiffel tower (yes, we went all the way up!), Champs Elysées, Arc de triumph, Louvre, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Galaries Lafayettes, le Bastille, le quartier latin, etc. We also got to go to Roland Garros for the French Open Tennis Tournament for a day. Our tickets were on the wrong court to see the Hewitt-Nadal match, but we saw some good games on ours too ( I don't remember the big names because they were eastern european and contained mostly consonants...). We had to reserve these tickets back in October so it was really great to get to finally go!
After Paris, we hopped on the overnight train to CInque Terre (5 little Italian towns off the nothern mediterranean coast in between Genoa and La Spezia). We had an amazing little flat up some very steep stairs and could even smell baking bread in the mornings drift in through our open windows. The hikes between the toans were gorgeous and the towns themselves are so colorful and quaint.
We got to Rome on the 11th, in time to see Italy win it's first World cup match and hear the town go crazy with excitement (cars were honking and wooming up and down streets with Italia flags all night long!) It was very exciting and Italy has now become Adam's favorite team - he bought a Totti jersey and a flag and everything! Rome itself has such a funny juxtaposition of incredibly old history existing next to state-of-the-art Ferrari dealerships and haute couture brand names. I will say this for Italian fashion: I admire their bravery - they wear such bright colors and bold styles!
Next it's off to Venice!