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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Mar 2006

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapWell we arrived in Singapore early on Saturday morning (3am to be exact lovely) and after much delieration on wether we should be tight asses and stick around and catch the MRT (train) into town at 5:30 which only costs $2 or slurge on a mercades taxi and pay $35 we decided to do the later which lovingly enough dropped us of at the wrong hotel as there are two Carlton Hotels in Singapore which is just what you need after a long plane ride and at 3:30 in the morning.

But on a brighter note Singapore is beautiful it is so clean it has great contrasts between ultra modern buildings and colonial style buildings of yesteryear. I seriously could live in Singapore. The people are great but can be a bit pushy especially in the shops however I scored some great buys and bought a camera and an Ipod Nano for dirt cheap which was awesome.

We went and done the tourist thing and went to Raffels and sat in the Long Bar and threw peanuts on the floor then searched for 2hours on foot for a true Singapore restaurant before giving up and settling for good old Hogs Breath Cafe across the road.

So to some it all up Singapore was fantastic but farewell to Singapore for now as we are off to boarde our boat the Aroura and head off to Malaysia. So bye for now and speak to you from Kelang Malaysia.