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Lai's Trip’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2006

Location: Penang, Malaysia

MapPenang was great we caught a taxi to a Taoist temple about 20mins out of town known as the snake temple and to put it bluntly if going to a place where there are snakes on the ground on the walls and basicly hanging all over the place doesn't seem like your cup of tea I suggest you go elsewhere. But I liked it we got to cuddle up to some of our slithery friends and take some happy snaps before heading back into town.

Once into town and after some shopping we boarded our rickshaw and for 10 Ringots he pushed us through the hustle and bustle of the city streets taking in sights of everyday life, buddist temples, mosques, hindi temples and some very cool chineese clan houses. As the Chineese did have a very strong influence in Penang there a loads of clan houses representing each family or clan with the obviously richer families with huge ornate buildings which are great to explore. By the end of the rickshaw ride our poor driver (who was about 80) looked like he was about to pass out especially heaving us to heffers in a 32C day who's to blame him.

Penang was great if your ever in Malaysia definately check it out.

See you in Sir Lanka!